Image Sales Guide for Photographers

Thank you for your interest in selling us your photos. We are a small partnership based in Sydney and are looking for both amateur and professional photographers who are interested in making money on their art. This page will outline all the requirements as well as the procedure involved in selling your images to us.

Image Requirements


Contract Detail

Image Requirements
Please note that all the criteria in this list are required. If your image fails any of the items in this list, it cannot be submitted.

  1. A minimum of approximately 12 megapixels (4200x2800, 4000x3000, 6000x2000 etc)
  2. RAW format native to your camera (not JPEG, PNG, or GIF).
  3. You must be the original author and have taken the picture yourself
  4. You must own the full copyright on the image in question
  5. The image must not have been leased, sold or published before (flickr accounts and friends and family are acceptable)
  6. The image must not contain any people unless it is taken from very far (no recognizable faces, shapes etc.)
  7. The image must not contain any brands, copyrighted symbols or trademarked products (iPhone, Sony, Coca Cola etc.)
  8. The image must be tack sharp when viewed at 100% (no lens blur or motion blur)
  9. The image must not contain noticeable ISO noise, lens flares, chromatic aberration or other distortions
  10. The image should be framed in a manner conducive to the subject

Here are some examples:

This image does not contain people or brands and is attractively framed. It is potentially usable.
However, when viewed at 100% resolution, we see that it is too blurry and/or out of focus. This cannot be repaired and cannot be used.


This image does not contain people or brands and is attractively framed. It is potentially usable.
At 100% resolution it is still quite sharp. As long as all the other criteria are satisfied, this image is potentially usable.



  • You will send us JPEG samples of at least 3 images (, watermarks fine). These images will be assessed for framing and content.
  • For the images that pass the initial screening, we will then request the full RAW files corresponding to these files. They will then be assessed for sharpness and other technical aspects.
  • If at least one of them are potentially usable, we will create an FTP account for you where you can upload all the RAW files you would like to submit.
  • Once we assess all the images you have submitted, we will send you a list of the images we wish to purchase along with the Assignment of Copyright contract.
  • Once we receive the signed contract back from you, we will pay you via PayPal at $4.50 USD per image.
  • You will not have to send us sample images after the initial batch. You may contact us for Drop Box access every time you have at least 10 images to submit to us which we will then assess using the same criteria


Contract Detail

For each batch purchased, you will have to send us a signed copy of the Assignment of Copyright. It will list all the files being transferred. The contract will outline the details of your legal obligation. Here are some general points:

  1. You must own the copyright of the image being transferred
  2. You must have taken the picture yourself
  3. The picture must not have been published or sold previously
  4. You transfer full rights of copyright to us
  5. You agree to destroy all copies of the image still in your possession
  6. You will be paid fairly for each image transferred

In addition to the contract, we will require a scan, picture or photocopy of one piece of photo identification. You may censor sensitive data; however your address, picture and name must be visible along with the official governmental number on the identification. This legal requirement is necessary to ensure all copyright claims are legitimate and legally bound to you as the original author.

You may send us your sample work multiple times if your initial batch does not pass. If, however, after your third attempt no usable images are found, we will not be able to assess further samples.

This outlines the main brunt of our process and interest in purchasing images from you. If you have any questions regarding this, and have questions that are NOT listed here, please email us at Otherwise, to send us your initial samples, attach them in an email to